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are power cleans useful for the majority of lifters?

i will get killed for this here but it directly impacts the program i'm doing. i'm on week 10 of a strength program and just dumped power cleans in favor of pendlay rows and glute ham raises.

in 9 weeks of power cleans i never got comfortable with them, i had nagging pain in my shoulders and lower back. i've posted my lifts for feedback and while not perfect i don't think i was doing them in a way that would cause pain or injury. i got up to about a 5 x 3 of 160 lbs, it felt light but adversely affected my body, nothing major just significant discomfort, especially at the shoulders. and at the light weight the cost/benefit seemed skewed to me.

i think power cleans can be a great exercise but the fact is most people can't do them at a weight that is going to increase strength (or even come close, i would wager i would need to be repping 225 at least to really generate strength gains from the exercise). you can do 135 lb perfect form power cleans
all day and they aren't really going to make you stronger or do much of anything really other than make you better at power cleaning 135 lbs.

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