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Charles Burnett
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Only discuss Topics moderators want you to?

"It should be obvious by now that some topics are not up for discussion in this forum. There are plenty of other places for you to discuss them, this is not one of them. Sorry if that upsets you, but it is time to accept it and move on."

I take this to me "do not talk about it here. If you do, we will shut you down. Talk about it where we can't or won't hear it...

It's part of my job to understand and try to address things that cause civil unrest. Not allowing people the liberty to have civil and open debate is nothing more than censorship. If you think it is something else then you only need look to Venezuela.

The "Black Box" concept stems from Political Theory, it isn't a new concept. The idea is, we don't care about what happens on the inside, as long as the result works. Debate, alternate ideas, going against the mainstream. These are all things that I associate with CrossFit and what initially attracted me to the methodology. Let's not get on a slippery slope and prevent this from happening in our community.