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My 8 year old wants to give it a go. He's already doing karate (and CrossFit), has done well in gymnastics and soccer too. Very athletic little guy - with emphasis on the "little" - a bit under 60 pounds.

There's a decent amateur boxing club in town, that tries to focus on safety. And a simply wonderful man (grandfather of a couple of my lad's friends) is now going to get involved with the club. Turns out that John was a very successful amateur welterweight (UK schoolboy's champ, UK army champ, 105-3 amateur record), and has offered to teach my lad, if my wife and I agree. He thinks Nat's a good fit for the sport - balance, strength, hand speed, physical courage.

I can think of no better mentor - a wildly lovely man who, once retired from his "real" job, began a very successful international engineering consulting firm. Very bright, very artistic, very disciplined ... I'd love for my kid to connect with John.

My wife's worried about boxing's safety - to a lesser degree, so am I. Especially for someone so young. In the amateur game, are the worries unfounded? Or should we think twice.


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