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Re: thoughts on my strength program

Eric and Dana, once again, I'd really appreciate your insight.

Sometimes, my GSLP days will overlap with a strength biased WOD at the Box. Would you advise me to skip the WOD and focus on my main program in those cases, or is it ok to do both strength(ish) workouts on the same day?

A strength WOD at my box might look something like this:
3 Rounds for Time
With somewhat heavier weight than usual:
5x Power Snatches
5x Burpees
5x Thrusters
5x Burpees
5x Snatches
5x Burpees
With maybe some heavy lifting before, during technique, as well (usually in the range of 5 singles).

What do you think are the chances of benefiting from a bit more heavy training versus overtraining and jeopardizing my GSLP program?

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