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Re: Why do people hate Crossfit?

Originally Posted by Michelle Stafford View Post
People tend to hate on things they fear or don't understand. Crossfit is hard and takes true strength from the inside and out, inner strength, that many are not willing to tap into or explore. Whether it's fear of failure, fear of change or just utter weakness, people will scoff at things they only wish they could do.

Their loss, but don't let them dictate your actions or define your thoughts, be your only person and rise above the influence.
This, pretty much is why people hate me. I mean I'm functional because I can throw balls off a GHD, but a powerlifter/olympic lifter/marathon runner/ etc isn't. He or she, does not get the benefits from GHD medicine ball tossing or softball throwing.

He's not elite, he's weak!

Can't help it, I've been forging for one and a half years already
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