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Re: Intermittent Fasting

Originally Posted by Marcel Zwinger View Post
Hi Joey,

Have been thinking about incorporating IF, too.

How are your times of fasting and eating set?

How do you schedule that with your training?

and what benefits exactly do you get?
Because of my current schedule I usually break my fast at 11:30 with lunch.
Then I work out around 5:00 and head to supper right after my workout so I eat supper between 6:30 and 7:00. These times are only approximate but are pretty close to my usual schedule.

On weekends I like to go to the gym at around 10:00am and work out completely fasted. From there I head straight to lunch and try to eat around 12 noon.

As I stated, I prefer to work out completely fasted (around 12 hours or more) but I strive to have at least 4 hours between a meal and working out. This is a personal preference but the less my stomach is weighed down the better I find I perform.

During fasting I find that I have increased energy and focus so I don't get slow and sluggish during the day and I find my performance to be much better when I work out fasted. If I do find I get light headed and hungry, then I break my fast no matter what time of day it is. Fasting is a tool that you make work for you so don't be a slave to it.

For other benefits, with IF it is much easier to maintain my BW and the hormonal benefits have definitely improved my overall muscle mass.

Finally I REALLY LOVE to eat! It is one of the things in life that make me truly happy. I find that with IF I can eat less during the day and that gives me license to eat all I want at supper after I leave the gym. Being very careful to make healthy food choices of course. I eat paleo with emphasis put on protein and fat but I do make sure to have plenty of colors on my plate as well.

Hope this helps feel free to PM me if you have any other questions
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