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Brad Hirakawa
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I wonder if there are any athletic gains to be made through focused training of your non-dominant side, in an attempt to bring it up to par with your dominant side. I'm talking largely about coordination, but strength could easily fit in here as well.

For example, I write with my left hand, but practice most sports right-handed. Recently, I began to practice writing right-handed and playing sports left-handed. After a few months, my right hand is now just about as good as my left when writing on a chalk/dry erase board. Jiu jitsu maneuvers are becoming much easier on my weak side, so that I now sometimes forget which side was the weak one in the first place.

Is there anything to be gained through my endeavor to become ambidextrous? Do you think it could possibly serve to improve coordination? Or, do you think it will just confuse my already confused brain? :-)

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