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Re: AEB Workout Log

Deadlift day. I felt really good this morning, but I still didn't get 230# all the way up. I'm super hesitant on the deadlift, as I don't want to hurt myself, but Rach said I was really high when I slowed down, then just dropped it.

I squatted on Monday more than I deadlifted today.

We warmed up with broad jumps, I got 87".

The metcon was a neural recharge, 1 minute of broad jumps, 1 minute of box jumps, 1 minute of alternating 1 armed medball throws. I did 2 rounds because I landed on my shin in the 2nd box jump round (AGAIN). I was getting too cocky, I'm sure, but the 24" I was doing felt pretty easy. I got complacent.

Deadlift jumps:

220x1 (maybe I should have done 215?)
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