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I used to live in Seattle, I've done so many workouts in the rain... I've even workout out in the snow here in Denver. There isn't much to it, I just wear the same gear I wear to go snowboarding. Underarmour makes a good bottom layer with their ColdGear, get a waterproof jacket, and i have some waterproof boots I got at Kmart for $30. If you do any kettlebell stuff, leave the KBs inside so the handles aren't wet and freezing cold when you want to snatch 'em.

If you're new to CrossFit I would really recommend going to a few CrossFit classes. You live in CrossFit Central, CrossFit gyms in all directions from you. There's a CrossFit opening up right across the way from you in Portland I believe, there is Ranier CrossFit, and back in the day I worked out at CrossFit North in Seattle - it's definately worth the drive.
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