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Daniel Macsay
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Mac's Workout Log

For starters, just a little about myself: I started getting interested in Crossfit about a year ago, but have only recently returned to the workouts with increased attention and intensity. I can't say I have many goals physically other than to thrash myself in a structured and unconventional manner, but I do have one goal: to run a marathon under 4 hours. The marathon here in Okinawa is run in December in the southern city of Naha. I want to try and incorporate as much crossfit and kettlebell training into a running routine as possible and this journal will serve as a logbook over the next 5 months. As long as the journey is painful and fulfilling, it will be worth it. On a personal aside, I'm a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan with my wife and 8 month old son, both who are currently visiting family in the states for another 2 weeks...all the more reason to work out harder, I have more time! I love both of them dearly, though. I'll post again tomorrow after I complete the GHD WOD for Monday. Oh yeah, I also plan to attach a pull-up program that I feel is much more effective than the Recon Ron pull-up routine. Come thrash...

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