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As a type I for 11 years, I've seen the whole array of sugars. Recently, I started doing low carb to control my sugars in a hope to improve my health. It has been amazing how quickly and easily it works.

I don't follow the zone as that is too many carbs for me. I've found the more food I eat in general the more I have problems with sugars as the more food, the more sugar that creaps into my diet.

Salads, veggies, plenty of fat to make up calories, and the prescribed amound of protein. I would really suggest the paleo diet as it is fairly concentrated in low GI foods, but watch the fruit as most fruits can cause sugar spikes.

I would suggest taking a look at the following link as it is about Diabetes and Low carb diets. The Dr. who is talked about in this webpage is very strict on his ideas, but it does get results.

I hope this helped give you some information you were looking for.
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