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Allen Yeh
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Great stuff on that PR! I didn't know if you prefer a post here or PM.

Oh and thanks for doing it in mpg, the thing I don't like about youtube and those sites is I can't slow the video down.

Here are somethings I saw:

Power Clean:
-Good start position, I know you've been really trying to work on the flexibility.
-Keep the bar closer to your body, as you break knee level it the bar seems to only get farther away from your body.
-Great extension! Only thing here is that your arms seem to be bending early but loking good at the top.
-Catch - Your feet moved back making the catch at the top more difficult than it needs to be, so the combination of the bar being more in front of you than needed along with your body moving back at the same time, you make the catch a lot more difficult because then you have to lean forward to catch the bar. Also try to "stick" the catch more.

Front squat:
-Great job on breaking depth!
-Keep the elbows up!

Great video's Elliot! Congrats on the PR!
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