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Re: Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

I don't run anything i.e., as in a race that I have to pay for because of Triathlon fundraising. If I have any extra money it goes there. This was just my normal run location along the river. Down and back is four miles with a one mile double back on the far end so I couldn't get out of running back home, which I needed to do in a big way. I "thought of you" how nice because this was the first time ever I have been stricken with the urge to relieve myself (ala puppy) tail end of the run. Barely made it through the door, hahhaha.

I am going to the doctor's too Dec 1. Should be interesting too, to see my numbers. We can compare. Any better on the IBS front? I had the opposite experience with that stuff. Ate a forbidden (no fried food was ordered) chip at the lab, blew up like a balloon and sh*t myself at school OMG. Good grief that was aweful, about all I could eat was white rice and jello. No cruciferous veggies, no soda water, nothing oily. Man did it suck. Last kid changed that - how odd. Got pregnant and it was gone for good.
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