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Re: Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

I envy you someone to do this with, good job on the slam ball and the bubbles. Homework sounds fun too. I went looking for swim paraphernalia today, supposedly fins may keep me from sinking but no luck .
How much would Amy charge me if you put me on speaker phone during your workout for invisi-coaching? I am about half serious.

My belated condolences on the dogsh*t-a-palooza. I just went through that with a sick dog for several months something was coming out of one end or the other of this poor dog. I found a couple little turds at the bottom of the stairs on a busy rug and called out to a friend. Watch out there's little sh*t over here by the door and he said I already found it - in his bare feet, hahahha considering she used to be his dog. But payback was swift, a few days later I stepped in something that adhered to the bottom of my foot like a big pancake of utter slimy green black grossness. I honestly do not know which end of her it came out of. OMG is was disgusting.
Dogs gotta love'em.
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