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Re: Companies providing CrossFit to employees?

I am self employed and have been doing CF for about 2 years. After I started making progress and seeing results, I opened it up to my employees to try if they wanted. I have a guy who is probably 380lbs. He has problems with his knees, back, feet, etc. He came and watched a few times a while back and decided he needed to do something before Crossfit to "get ready."

After stalling for a while, I finally got him to start at my box about 2 months ago. He usually does a separate wod, but he has lost weight and he is moving better and with less pain (his words). He is still too heavy to strap in to a rower, but he does step ups, kettle bell swings, walks the building, wall push-ups, etc.

In the long run, if I can keep a good employee healthy and off of workers comp for $155 a month, I'm going to at least let him try.
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