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Weightloss help

Hi All,

I was hoping you'd be kind enough to help me with some sage advice. I am a CF beginner having only started in Jan this year. I also had to take of two months for a torn ligament. That being said I am completely hooked and whilst I am nowhere near anything even remotely impressive I'm constantly improving. I realize my post is quite similar to that of Frans below but there are a couple of key differences Id like to get an opinion on.

I am 61 and weigh 216 pounds

My 1RM for the following:

DL: 400 #
BS: 200 #
Clean: 187 #
C & J: 187 #
Snatch: 143 #

During the week I tend to follow a basic Paleo, no sugar and no grains/carbs and dont really drink much. I do tend to drink quite a bit on the weekends and maybe allow 2-3 weekend meals to be a bit of a cheat. I am training 5 days a week for an hour, my workout generally follows this routine:

10 min warmup Skipping/Punching bag
15 min Moderate cardio Mainly bagwork, road running
15 20 min skill practice Gymnastics or bar work to 1 RM
Balance: WOD

Since starting I have lost about 7% body fat but am really struggling to lose any weight, I am also undoubtedly getting stronger in my lifting but just dont seem to be getting any quicker on the WODs.

1. Any advice on what I can adjust in my diet to help me lose pounds?
2. Any advice on what I should be adding to my routine daily to help me get quicker on the WODs, I am thinking of adding a 45min spinning session 3 times a week?

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