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Re: Am i getting weaker or just unlucky?

Originally Posted by Ross Dijulio View Post
I don't have any online log but i can give my typical weekly routine. Chris, you are right I am not doing westside right, I followed it to the best of my ability but i was getting super frustrated with my squat and decided to squat more, it went up to 380 but now i can't get it again. Any advice is appreciated.

Max Lower Body
Assistance exercises

Lower Body Dynamic/Repetition
Assistance (I usually hit weighted dips pretty hard)
Snatch Practice

Squat (Front or back, I usually go fairly heavy, like doubles, and sometimes i do more volume like 4x4, 3x5 etc)
Assistance exercise
Clean and Jerk Practice

Clean and Jerk
Squat (Back or Front)

Max Effort Upper Body
Assistance exercises

Most of the O-lifting i do depending on how I feel. Sometimes I go heavy and sometimes I stay really light just to work on technique.

Ok, first, there needs to be at least 72 hours between ME and DE workouts by focus. You are doing max lower one day and then speed lower the next... You then squat the next day and then squat 2 days later...

What the hell are you doing??? Holy moly!

Shoot me an email at I have an article I have not published that explains Westside in an overview fashion and has a sample template. You need to read it.
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