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Re: El Capitan's Crossfit Log


Side Note: Today is my 9th Wedding Anniversary. Almost a decade, and we have one little girl and another baby on the way. We are very blessed, it's tough and stressful at times, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love my family and our life together.

Jump Workout

Depth Drops - 20" Box - 3 x 5
*Not sure what these are doing exactly, but the most educated people about jumping swear by them.

Skips for Height - 5 x 10
Might be better if I could do these outside where I can string them together, but it was pouring this morning!

Rhythmic Jumps - 3 x 10
Felt pretty good.

1 Leg Line Hops - 2 x 25 ea
Felt good and pretty quick.

Big Man On Campus - Chest/Tris

Incline Bench - 4 x 10/1 x Drop

Incline DB Flye - 4 x 10 @ 20ea
Need to set up my DBs for more weight. Too easy.

Bench - 4 x 8
Felt pretty heavy, haven't done 8reps for weight in a long time.

Ring Dips/Pushups - 3 x ME
5/8 for all. Pushups suck after all that previous stuff. Normally I can do 50 without stopping!

Skull Crushers/Close Grip Bench - 4 x 12 - 30/95
Need more weight on the skull crushers, but the bench weight was good.

Tricep Rope Pushdown - 3 x 15 - 20
Took a bit to get used to my setup, need to add a little more weight.

Tri Ext - 1 x ME - 30
15, could have done more, but was getting a little bored. Need to add weight. I think this supposed to be a drop set.

Didn't get to abs. Gonna try to do those throughout the day. Pretty good workout.
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