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Re: Mark E. Wallace's One-Year Crossfit Testimonial

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
Eh, I'll consider it. It's a rather unremarkable story in the sense that I didn't overcome major obstacles along the way, but I guess I should let the powers that be at the Journal make that call.

- Mark
Rant incoming.

See, this irks me. Not everyone has to overcome major obstacles - not everyone even has those hurdles. You know what most people's hurdles are?

The couch, the TV, and the lure of the internet. Your article is going to speak to more people than anyone battling sickness ever could, in my opinion. There's a benefit to both types of stories. It's as important to see "there wasn't anything wrong with me, there just wasn't anything right either, and I had to do something" as it is "I had this <insert overwhelming situation> happen and knew if I didn't do something it would ruin my life."

I LOVE seeing people's stories who overcome the lure of the couch potato. I love seeing people who aren't overcoming horrible odds and circumstances, because those are just normal people getting better. I want to be normal too, and I want to get better - and stories like that are way better at motivating people like me than the overwhelming odds ones.

So quit with the self-deprecating. Just because other people deal with other things doesn't make what you've done any less relevant, important, or interesting.

So there.
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