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Re: 2 minute tests

Originally Posted by Charles Applin View Post
Try doing a six round Tabata with those events also. You get your two minutes spread out over three, getting your theoretical max.

Sort of on topic: I was going to try to get guys doing a tabata competition at work. Monday do push-ups, Tuesday sit-ups, Wednesday double unders, etc. Something simple that can be done during a little downtime at work. Post your numbers on a chart on the door.

Problem is, my senior chief walked in on me doing the push-ups and started ing about it. Claimed it didn't look professional (never mind that the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy does it with young sailors at his conferences). Then he said exercise should be done in the gym (great, go 15 to 20 minutes away to do a quick 3 minute exercise). Oh, and having a chart of exercise results is bad and unprofessional (this was the week after the mock prt).

He probably just had a bad day, but my respect for him drop quite a bit that time.
I like your thought process, shame about the comments of your chief as its always good to do these tests and of course always good to share.
Best of luck
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