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Re: progenex information

Originally Posted by John Jaeckel View Post
What I don't get about about supplements vis a vis Crossfit is what (with regard to CF) are you trying to achieveó becoming more CrossFit?

I mean if you're trying to be more lean, then CF might not be the best way to get there.

If you're trying to get lean and big, again, CF as a training protocol, might not be the best way to get there.

I just don't see why (or how) you would supplement for CF when the goal of CF is just really overall fitness and health.

Yes, I can see fish oil because it is so hard to get adequate (from a human bio-anthropology perspective) amounts of animal-derived Omega 3 in the everyday modern diet.

im leaner and bigger than i've ever been since dedicating to crossfit, and i had been working out for almost 2 years before starting.

on a separate note, supplements that help you recover quicker carry over into you being able to build stregth and endurance faster by reducing recovery time which will both still be improved if the supplement is suddenly taken away. so as long as the supps are just high concentrations of things that naturally occur in certain foods (whey and creatine), why not? and i find when performance improves, the motivation to perform increases, which usually leads to a healthier life style (less drinking, eating crap, smoking etc).
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