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here I go in point form.

1. Relax, your arms and lower back are doing all the work and they shouldn't be. This is a hip movement. Your elbows are bent from the get go, loosen up and make like your arms are cables.

2. The bar is very far away from your body throughout the entire motion. Keep the bar tucked in to the body. As the wise Sage Burgener told me, make as you are shaving the body. (as odd as that sounds)

3. You are picking the hips up before the weights leave the ground! Raise your body and the weights as a single unit. They should all come up in the same position they were in when on the ground.

4. You are moving your feet too wide in the landing (squatting) position. This mixed with the bar being too far from your body is forcing you forward on to your toes. Try focusing more on sitting down as fast as possible rather than doing the splits. Here's a tip out of Lincoln Brigham's bag O' tricks (he used it on me).
Your feet only have to move and come up off the ground enough to get into the squat. If you jump up too high you will less effectively generate power down through the ground. If you spread your feet to much you simply wont be able to get as deep into a squat (you limit your own flexibility).

1. Good aggression - you are ripping the bar right off the ground. Now use your hips to do it not your arms and lower back!

2. Your eyes are straight ahead not looking at the ground or above your head but straight out and focused.

3. You're getting the bar overhead and keeping it there. Good stuff!

Try the following sequence:
- Hook grip, Butt Down, Chest over the Bar, Eyes Front

- Shoulder Blades Together, Arms relaxed, Big Chest, Back Arched, Stand Up

- Jump & Shrug, Land

- Stand Up!
(remember the bar must be close to the body throughout the movement!!! Don't be afraid of it, it wont hurt, MUCH!)

Thats all I can think of I hope thats not right out of her!
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