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Re: Possible Cross Fit Affiliate Names

There used to be a Capital CrossFit as well as CrossFit NCR (National Capital Region) in town it seems, see this thread (WFS) for some more info.
Never hear of Capital or NCR. They still around? Figured Pierre was the only guy in town with a studio. Unless the others were knock offs.

I was thinking CrossFit Kanata but seems like everyone under the sun uses their home town name. Not always easy to come up with original names.

Hey Ken. I am looking into putting together a Cross Fit group for the summer to train on either Sat or Sun at Mooey's Bay. Your more than welcome to join us. Get a chance to practice skills, do a great WOD, meet other Cross Fitters, have a great time, encourage and challenge each other. Figure it would be a good way to educate the community out there that there are other options besides GoodLife. Send me a PM if your interested.

Thank you again to everyone for the feedback. I will post in future what I come up with. I do like Spartan CrossFit but I am told it is taken.
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