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Maybe there's 2 issues

1) Are the BB Oly lifts "special" and 2)are the "movements" (ground to overhead/extension)in the lifts fundemental to power development?

My answer is no and yes.

Throw a heavy med ball or sandbag backward overhead, snatch a heavy KB etc...and you will ingrain the same power extension. An argument could be made that the greater variety of objects you use, and the more variation in the path (rotational for instance) the more "functional" applications you're training, but that's secondary. The argument can of course also be made the weights attainable with the Oly lifts make them best too. I think that would be Coach's view as per our previous, ah...discussion.

IMO the Oly lifts are right up there on the list of the best things you can do, but I don't think that a person who doesn't do them, but does those movements, heavy, fast and hard, per se suffers.


Just a thought re: actual lifting. I've never seen anyone lift anything heavy, other then a bar, by squat cleaning it. Idiots look like someone doing a SLDL, and the smarter folks look like a strongman lifting an atlas stone, squat done and pick it up, hip pop it to the shoulder. The bar makes it artificially easy to grip a big weight. A 300 lb "object" usually needs a hug. Just a thought re functionality.


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