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Re: Recommended barbell in Australia

Newbie from Newcastle here..

Has anyone ordered from Exercise Australia?

LINK (work & family safe)

They have the following:
York 320 kg rated Olympic barbell $229
York 450 kg rated Olympic barbell $279
ABC 500 kg rated Olympic Barbell $449

Are the York barbells the same as you would find in the USA? I think I remember hearing that usually the York barbells in Australia are not the same and are lower quality. I'm not sure, so maybe I'm making that up. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm also looking for some free standing squat stands like THESE (work/family safe)
and some spotter stands like THESE (WFS) would be nice too. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

These hart stands look good (WFS) but I haven't had any luck finding spotter stands other than those in the USA.

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