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Re: CrossFit in Paris

I just moved to Paris and am missing Crossfit a lot. Unfortunately, there is no Crossfit gyms over here right now, though some of the French health and fitness forums have started to discuss the concept.

In fact, even the gyms over here are not as well equiped as Canadian or American gyms. Someone told me that a few years ago, the gyms started to take away a lot of the free weights, and Olympic lifting bars because of concerns over injury and insurance. So in most Parisian gyms, you find a lot of Universal style equipment, but little free weight stuff. And I've yet to find a gym that has a pullup bar on which I can do a kipping pullup.

I did see on a discussion board somewhere that there is a gym here about to start to do the Crossfit training this year, but now I cannot find the link. I will try to find it...

I've taken to doing Tabata routines at home, such as squats, push-ups, V-sits and tricep dips. But, an Olympic lifting bar would be great once in a while as well as a pull-up bar.
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