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Re: Before & After pics - 5 months of CrossFit

Originally Posted by Iris Simpliciano View Post
Hi Jennie

Just wanted to say "Great Job" and you are a true inspiration! I am new to crossfit and actually did my 1st elements class last week friday where i learned basic movements to do CF. It was very challenging and my body hurt for 3 days. I go back to meet with the trainer again this friday. I'm actually training for the Honolulu Marathon (which will be my 1st marathon) so i'm hoping that doing crossfit will help not only my endurace but help me to lose weight as well. I hope to be able to lose at least 30lbs but really i want to look "fit". I read that you did paleo. Was that easy for you? I know working out is only half the battle. Anyway any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Great job again!

Hi Iris! Rather than posting everything here, I just sent you an email. Thanks so much for the compliments!
Jennie Yundt
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