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George Mounce
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Tool for CrossFit data collection -

Bill Patton has graciously gotten (wfs) up and running with much of the CrossFit information.

This project is a way to rank and file with data from people (rather then just a workout log) in the CrossFit community much like the Concept 2 website does with rowing data, but in this case the named WODs are the data points along with the CrossFit Total as well as almost everything under the sun, like max number of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, you name it, Bill will put it in there. We've been emailing all morning about different things and it is getting there.

I'd like us to support all his hard work and people to sign up and start putting information in so that it can collect all the data and we can get some real findings on the effect of CrossFit on those using it.

And to Bill, thanks for your hard work!
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