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Re: The Shed 'O Pain

Yesterday 9/14/19
Bouldered at Rock Mill with Jeff and Beth.

Warm Up
Crocodile Breathing
Off Knees Quadruped Neck Nods
90/90 Hip Switch
Foot Elevated SL Glute Bridge
Open Half Kneeling Ankle Mob
Heel Sit Quadruped T-Spine Overhead Reach on Roller
Off Knees Quadruped Rock to Squat

3 rounds of Cindy with 3 rounds of Shoulder Mobilization Routine between.
-20 band pull aparts
-10 band dislocates
-Cable Face Pulls x 10 reps 35#
10 pronators

Trap Bar Deadlift 195, 195, 225#
Pronated strict pull up 10#
KB Floor Press
An Wheel Roll Outs

Stomach felt a little queasy so I skipped the finisher.
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