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Re: Home gym suggestions

Originally Posted by Matt Spangler View Post
I trying to pick some few brains on here as to what else would nice to have for use at home and at the fire station. When I do workout at home it is either outside, at a park or in my living room (rental, no garage). I live in small town with no CF box. Get my lifts in at a globo gym and then a met-con anyway I can.

I have a good amount of equipment and I get a good variety of movements in, it would be nice to have some variety.

Below is a list of equipment I currently have
Rings, Door Strap for Rings
Agility ladder, cones
Dragging sled
Ab Roller
3 in 1 Plyo box (20-24-30)
Jump Rope
Schwinn AirDyne
53# and 35# Kettlebells
20# and 30# Slam Ball
Brute Force Sand bag
20# Medicine Ball
PVC parellettes

One thing I was leaning towards was a 2 pood kettlebell as swing with the 53# are getting pretty easy. Whatever do I decide to get would be fairly easily transportable so I can bring to work and back. Thanks
1. I assume you do not live in Green Bay itself as there are six boxes here. If you are close, I suggest dropping in to one if possible.
2. I would get a barbell and bumper plates. Then you don't have to worry about the globo as much (only have to go in winter and bad weather, or to squat). I would start with a 45-35-25-15-10 set of bumpers and a bar, and fill out the rest with iron (or get more bumpers). You then lift outside during warmer months.
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