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Re: Senior Coach Job Description / Person Specification

Originally Posted by Sean J Hunter View Post
I understand, however a detailed and comprehensive job description and person specification is considered recruiting best practice for a reason.

I'm an industrial psychologist by training, so if you want to go down this path then I am more then happy to help you work through it for each job but I will say it is very time comsuming and I'm not sure you get the ROI given the limited number of persons that could potentially fill the position in question - its not like you'll be taking in 300 applicants with a systematic recruiting, screening and selection process.

If you are going to use a job specification then you should be prepared to use actual validated assesment tools in order to select for the qualities you consider important. If you are just going to use resume/job experience information then quite frankly going through this process is just for show and quite pointless.

My recommendation is to get away from compentencies (which are largely just management speak for "things we like") and make it more systematic - start with a task list for the job. Task lists are super valuable for both the employee and the employer and can be used to tease out a job specification later if desired.

Most jobs will have between 15-40 tasks. Some will be things they do every day, some might be once a month or even less. Try not to get bogged down in the individual skills or parts of a larger task e.g. the task isn't "put away kettlebells" it is something more like:

Maintain and tidy and organized gym space by effectively communicating and supervising equipment return requirements, and physically moving and organizing and out of place equipment before, during, and after class.

Most tasks will include descriptors of the core requirement, the environment, any necessary equipment to complete the task, and a description of the action(s) taken by the individual.

I suggest starting here and working down.
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