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CrossFit and existing injuries

Great community, love the support.

I've suffered two significant injuries in the past few years which have kept me away from CrossFit. While CrossFit looks incredibly appealing to me (holistic body approach, variety, real-life body movement), I'm wary that it complicate existing injuries.

First, I had a herniated disc and subsequent surgery a few years ago. I've got a gnarly scar and have had a weak lower back ever since.

Second, both my shoulders have some range of motion issues due to an old combatives injury. I'm receiving physical therapy to help improve where I am, but I still don't have full range of motion. My left shoulder is significantly worse than my right and I have a hard time lifting objects more than 20lbs above shoulder height.

With these two injuries, is it smart to jump into CrossFit? If so, what should I be wary of?

Not complaining; I see people with much more significant physical injuries become CrossFit monsters. I just want to ensure I don't do anything to aggravate my existing injuries.

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