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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Joseph Regan View Post

Your make and model sounds like me, lol. I eat really clean, do 3to4 WODS a week, 2 strength days a week and try to live a somewhat normal life. I can get below 10% bf pretty easily but usually hover around 12% or so. I did a photo shoot for a fitness magazine 3 years ago and got down to 4%bf. But that was really tough and i found out why. One thing that has helped me is to understand my hormones. What i mean is I have found that i have lower test level and higher estrogen levels with high cortosol. For people like us, its very important to get our hormones in balance. We can usually see our upper abs but we carry our fat in our lower abs, love handles and lower back. The author of the diet, does emphasize hormonal balance. Also people like me have to watch their carb intake and TIMING very closely. Carbs are not bad but you must time them properly and this diet does a good job at that.

Just my 2 cents
Where would I go to test these hormone levels? As of now the only carbs I really eat are 2 tbs of PB in the morning. Vegetables with lunch and dinner, sweet potatoes with dinner and I have rice with lunch on lifting days. Also, I did a bodpod bodyfat test probably last summer and I was at 18% I'm 5'10" 170 and don't carry much fat other than in the areas you mentioned. I was like 225 at one point in college and it's been a struggle ever since I lost the majority of it to trim the waistline down.
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