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Re: Paleo with Carb Back-Loading Principals

Originally Posted by Tom Stepp View Post
Paulo you're elected to respond since you seem to be informed about CBL and CNS
I am a 55 year old male been Crossfit since Nov. 2011
24-26 % BF
I workout M/W/F 5:30AM Metcon focused WOD then GSLP at 7:00 PM lasting about 1 1/2 hours. Attend a 2 hour OLY class on Saturdays at noon.
I want to get down to 12-14% BF
Which i best for me, CARBNITE or CARBBACKLOADING?
I eat 80/20 Pqleo now
If your primary goal is the 12-14% bodyfat, and if you are not that concerned with performance, then Carb Nite will get you there faster and easier, but if you want to get to that 12-14% bodyfat and still make some good progress on your lifts, then carb backloading is by far the better choice.
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