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Richard Owen
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YES! I knew it!

RYAN - that is an excellent time.
The very first time posted by a CrossFitter breaks the 5-minute barrier. SHOCKING!

It's also the best time I've heard of so far.

I believe anyone who can break the 5 minute barrier on this one is a bad ***.
One thing for sure... I know some MMA bad boys who have some "splainin" to do. Can't wait to get back to the gym. I suspect a few are ghost watching this thread. :-)

As for me personally, I'm sad to say I'm around 7:00 minutes. Hate to admit that after your post of 4:55, but I'll get better. And I've watched some really strong/hard people hit the wall in their 5th cycle and turn a 5 minute time into a 6 or 7 minute time.

Ryan - how old are you and what do you weigh?
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