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Re: Mommy, I want a Crossfit log, too.

Alright, today we had our weekly benchmark WOD! Today's was DT:

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Clean & Jerks
Rx is 105lbs.

I wanted to give 95lbs a shot. I knew I could clean & jerk it (I've done it without much trouble during a workout composed of 5 rounds of 5 CJs with some double-unders). I played around with it before class, deadlifts were obviously not a problem, hang power cleans...not a problem either (I went up to 115 for some HPC's for fun, haven't done them often)...the CJs were tough but (I thought) manageable.

Anyways, the WOD started, I flew through the deadlifts, got my HPCs done, got to the CJs...and it just wasn't happening. I got the 6 done but by the end of the set, I was having a lot of trouble locking out overhead so I grabbed the nearest bar (65lbs) and carried on with that. My time came out to 13:50. Meh. I was hoping to go heavier with this workout but that idea flew right out the door once I got started.

Apart from that, we were doing "max pull-ups" for the leaderboard. The guys went in, knocked them out (highest number was 50!). Then it was the ladies' turn. First one got 15, second got 25, and nobody stepped up to the plate for the third spot. "Come on, you only need to get 1 to get on the leaderboard," they told us, so I scurried up to the box and busted out the 3 ugliest kipping pull-ups anyone has ever seen in their life I'll take whatever victories I can get. I can usually do more kips (and they're definitely much prettier), but it was the end of the week and I was beat up.

Number 3, over and out
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