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Re: How's my intake?

Originally Posted by Greg Privitera View Post
1. Meals look good, but variation is important. It would be fine to eat the same thing every day as an "introductory" phase, but switch things up after that.

2. Toast is not the same as sugar. Try to get ezekial brand if you can, or something similar. Nothing made with flour. Worst part about toast is the gluten (protein).
Cool, thanks Greg. I will be switching things up after the two weeks. Good call on the ezekiel bread!

You brought up an interesting point about the gluten. I've read pretty much more than I can bare on Wiki and other websites and it seems that it is only bad if you have and allergy to it.
"Between 0.5 and 1.0 percent of people in the United States are sensitive to gluten due to Coeliac disease.[15][16] Coeliac disease is caused by an abnormal immune reaction to partially digested gliadin. It probably occurs with comparable frequencies among all wheat-eating populations in the world.[17] Certain allergies and neuropathies are also caused by gluten consumption and inhalation.[18]" -Wikipedia

Maybe I haven't done enough research to find it but I would really like to know why it is so bad if I don't have Coeliac disease. Thanks again Greg!
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