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There goes that shoulder again..

janurary 8th. Wod was power cleans. Did it and it resulted in shoulder pain in my right shoulder.

herers the thread i made back then


I gave it time, i took a week or so off did some Rotator cuff strengthening exercises. It started to feel better. Yesterday was my first day back and I benched, the shoulder was fine. Today I go to do the clean and jerk and it starts hurting. The top of the shoulder got all red and the pain lasted for a little while after the workout.

Now in the previous thread it was stated that it was inflammation from my previous shoulder separation but i later realized that my previous shoulder injury was on the other shoulder.

I have no idea what it is. The pain only occurs during any type of clean exercise. Maybe i cant master the form or something but im pretty sure my form wasn't that off. It was better than a lot of people i see getting away with it. And i was only doing 65 pounds for the warm up and it went crazy! Today i didn't complete the workout i had to stop after the warmup.

Maybe I should have gave it some more time to rest but I was barely doing the bar and it acted up. Plus i admit i can be hardheaded at times.

I made an appointment with my doctor and im seeing him tomorrow. I dont know what to do and i cannot stay inactive. I need to do something while this is healing =( any suggestions?
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