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Re: Carpal Tunnel and Grip problems

There are over 100 different forms of wrist pain. People call them all carpil tunel, but only one really is carpil tunnel. If she hasn't been to a doctor don't assume too much. What helps one person may hurt a different person so she needs to figure out where here problem is.

In my case stretching works. Arms straight out from body, fingers point straight up, palms out 90 degress to arm. Then make a tight fist and point down. Again this may make sher situation worse.

When I use a computer I find the following: using the mouse a lot makes things worse, so I learned keyboard shortcuts, and use a trackpad once in a while. I find a "model M" keyboard helps a lot as, but a lot of people hate them. I know one person who has a trackball on the floor so he can use his feet for the mouse.

None of the above worked at all until I took a week off of work and went someplace without a computer. That week allowed time for things to heal, now care keeps the problems from coming back.

IF grip strength is a problem captins of crush grippers are the solutuion. I'd be surprised if this is the real problem though.
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