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Re: 400m time guidelines

Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
I can run a 55 sec 400m on a good day, and can't do a 2x bodyweight squat, I can do a 2.6xBW deadlift though lol.

The key to the 400 is breaking it down in my opinion and if you aren't a good turn runner, you need to learn to be one. Watch many, many videos of Tyson ***. He is an AMAZING turn runner. Be fun to watch him and Bolt of Jamaica battle in Beijing.

I was an 800 runner in high school. I did it like this - first 500, all out pace, cruise through turn, all out on straight away, cruise through turn, sprint last 100. Just how I do that race. The 400 to me is all about NOT STARTING TOO FAST. If you use all your have in the anaerobic phase you will not switch over well. World class runners are so fast they spend the majority of the race in that zone. CrossFit alone should be helping you to extend that zone and make your switch over more efficient.

Finally - learn to run properly. Form is essential to being a good 400m runner, or any distance runner at that. I personally never liked anything past 800m. You should be hitting roughly 4-5 steps per second in your stride. If you are slower than that you won't improve. Get your feet moving faster. Lots of 100s will help. Video tape yourself doing a 100 and count your strides. In a 13 second 100 you should have roughly 65 steps.

Thats all I can think of right now.
Thanks for the tips.

If you any more tips on how to make the turns better it will be good too.

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