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Re: Trent's Log


Paceline practice with Palmetto Velo-Sports:
Total Distance: 21mi ~ 34km
Total Time: 62 minutes
Avg Speed 19 mph ~30 kph

Work Distance: 15 mi ~ 25km
Work Time 38 minutes
Avg Work Speed: 23mph ~ 38kph
Top Speed 27.66 mph

This was the first ride with my new team. There were 6 total riders, 1 Cat3, 1 Cat 4, and 4 Cat5's. I am currently a 5. This was also my first outdoor ride since September, we were doing some moderate paceline work. I was the last Cat5 to get dropped and I hung on until right at the end. My pulls need improving, I accelerate too much and push too hard. I do feel very good about this season and I think my off-season CF has done me a world of good in terms of upper body and core stability. My flexibility is improved over last season as well.
My challenge now will be balancing riding with lifting. I feel that I need some more leg strength and that by Squatting a Deadlifting I will get that strength.
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