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Craig Van De Walker
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My two cents
Make very sure you are not rounding your back at the bottom of the movement. When I started FS that was my big problem I had been back squatting for years but even when using light weights I tended to loose the arch in my low back with FS. OHS (overhead squats)never bothered me but I can really feel the back flexing from neck to butt and got some amount of back DOMS from working OHS a lot in the early phases of getting used to them.

I would guess plain and simple your back is weak.

Take your time breaking into squats. Do OHS to strengthen your whole torso.

Do deadlifts bother your back? If you have not done them before be very careful.

There is also the video coaching section (which I don't know how to use) I am sure there are people who could help you make sure your form is good.
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