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Re: HQ: Who's the Fittest Region?

Don't get me wrong, I am not holding my breath for a response. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. At the very least it would get the conversation going and possibly spark an interest in someone who would want to write a journal article somewhat along those lines. The raw data isn't really proprietary or anything, but not many people are going to spend 6 hours or so copying all the data manually.

It's only worth it to do the work if there is a big enough interest to see it. I wanted to throw the idea out there right at the end of the open when the interest would be highest. On the off chance someone in the right position found it intriguing I'd be happy to play with the numbers and throw together some graphics. It would be even better if someone with better access to the data (the entire data set like Luke mentioned) wanted to tinker with it. Anyway, if they don't have enough interest, it should probably die right here and in all likelihood will.
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