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Re: HQ: Who's the Fittest Region?

If all you wanted to do was see the fittest region I think a simple median of all those who submitted a score for each workout would be your best bet. In my head, the idea of fittest region would be, if you had a huge dartboard for each region with every participant on it with an equal amount of space, if you threw a dart randomly at each region, which would have the highest probability of winning.

I think the analysis could be far more interesting if you could get additional data on the participants such as age, weight, benchmark lifts/wod times, level of competitive seriousness, etc. That would make for some really interesting data.

What could be more possible is to take the games athletes from prior years, get their basic stats at the time of the games, and build a model to predict what place they would finish. Then take this years pool once it is determined and run it against the model. It could tell you some pretty interesting information such as what attributes are the strongest predictors of success in the games. I think that could be pretty fascinating.
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