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Re: Pre/Post Workout Shake basics

The components of a post-workout shake should mimic the components of an actual meal, because that's what it is.

A protein shake preworkout doesn't do anything special outside of just getting in the extra calories. Some people don't like much in their stomach before working out, if you're one of those people just know that you aren't getting an extra effect from that so you may as well have those calories at a more comfortable time.

Of course, post workout nutrition is a moot point if your caloric load over the balance of the day doesn't support weight gain. Calling yourself a hard gainer is really just an excuse. I'm still pretty skinny, but I focused on eating a bit more and from when I started CF in April 2012 to about July of last year I went from 165 to ~195 at 6'1". Of course, the next step to 205 has been much harder, but that's my problem, not yours - and neither here nor there
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