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Pre/Post Workout Shake basics

This has been asked a hundred different times a hundred different ways but I couldn't find a response that fit quite what I'm looking for. I want a

I'm 6'0" 170 lbs hard gainer and workout at 5:15am about 20 mins after I get down my morning shake. I'm looking for advice on a pre and post workout shake.

I like to have a little something before I workout and I've found Muscle Milk whey vanilla creme with water does pretty well (has more fat-carbs-calories per gram of protien than their 100% whey I take post). It's easier on my stomach than a banana and almond butter and I don't notice it when I workout (a good thing).

Post WO, I usually down a scoop of muscle milk 100% whey in milk.
I've tried the 100% whey pre-workout but I feel better when I take the vanilla creme with the extra "stuff" (it could be mental). So I'm thinking I should stick with that direction, whatever it is.

I also have a hard time getting enough calories in the morning, so I was thinking of adding some gainer to my pre and post workout shakes (less in pre, probably 1/4 serving) and stick with the water base pre and milk post. I was looking at BSN True Mass 1200, but I don't have a particular reason why them.

Does anyone have any advice on whether that is a good idea or if you have a better suggestion? I'm not brand loyal, I just wanted to show what I was taking, so brand advice is welcome too. I've used creatine in the past, but my doc said it was working my kidneys over so I cut it out. I also added BCAAs/glutamine at night but I can't tell any difference so I dropped it too.

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