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Re: Ophthalmic Migraines

Late in december, after a very tough WOD, I had this huge pain in what felt like my left eye. Behind it, or something like that. I layed down for quite a while but the pain was HUGE. I attributed it that time to having worked out only about 1.5 hours after a big breakfast. I had nausea and I was feeling so bad that I stuck my finger in my throat to vomit. Like 3 times. The headache lasted like 3 hours. This was the very first time it happened so I just said "ok, no working out if I'm not feeling an empty stomach again".

But about 2 weeks ago, on a monday noon, having not worked out since friday, I got the same pain during lunch. I forced my vision a little bit right before the pain, as I forgot my glasses and was reading a laptop from a bad angle. Maybe this triggered it. It lasted for hours. The pain was horrible, I got nausea again and used my hands again to vomit. Went to an eye doctor who said everything is fine and it was stress-related..!? I guess I gotta take things easier or something? Migraines... I had never experienced one before this.

I didn't see any lights and oddly enough my vision was not bad. Interesting to read about you guys and girls.
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