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If you do dairy you can usually find string cheese in the coolers at the gas stations - basically a stick of low fat mozzarella. You might be able to find some lunch meat there, too - although it'll be high in sodium and not so high in quality, sliced turkey might be an option there.

Usually there's zone bars in the snack bar aisle.

A lot of them will carry some fruit also - the ones around me usually have apples, bananas, etc. Not going to be organic, but hey, nothing in there is going to be! ;)

Frequently you can find hard boiled eggs in the coolers too - that's usually what I head straight for. If they have a cold snack area - look for hard boiled eggs, fruit cups, salads, etc.

You might think about packing a quick cooler for yourself before you hit the road -- easy to throw in a package of cheese, package of meat, hard boil some eggs, toss some olives in a baggie, or baby carrots, etc. Nothing that takes a lot of time to make, but will make for a happier snack down the line.

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