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Re: My girlfriend has Rhabdo

That same workout inspired two other threads of abdominal injury. I responded and added myself as one of the walking wounded. For me it's now been 15 days; 2 days ago I was able to hang from a bar and lift my knees toward my chest -- pretty exciting progress. This morning I did Tabata Something Else, and was able to do 10 sit-ups in each of the 8 sit-up rounds. Slow and very weak and very sore, and scared to push it, but recovering.

I also had some of the swelling but mine only lasted about a day and a half.

I'd like to point out that DOMS was not really the case here. For me the extraordinary pain and soreness was immediate. As soon as I finished the workout, i couldn't use my abs, couldn't walk normally, etc, and kept worsening for another 2.5 days. I didn't have normal mobility for at least 8 days, could not sit up normally from bed or supine until yesterday.

The good news is, I'm able to do situps now. So ---- while your gf's injury seems to have been worse than mine, it seems a case of degree and not kind, so hopefully she'll also be able to recover mobility and some strength in a few weeks. I'm bothering to tell you this because I was worried about my own recovery time, afraid I might be healing for 6-9 months, as another comment I had read suggested. I believe there's reason for optimism and hope.

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