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Ryan Manjuck
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About 5 weeks ago i squatted down to pickup a dumbell when i felt a pinch in my lower right back. It progressively got tighter to the point i could barely walk so i went to the doc that night. After the usual treatment of Motrin 800 and Flexirils i still had pain. Went to another doc and he said i hurt the small stabilizer muscles in the lower back. He sent me to PT and this doc says he thinks its a bulged disc thats pushing on a nerve. So now 5 weeks later i still have an aching stiff pain when i sit or try to extend my legs out straight. I can walk and i dont feel a thing. I stretch my hamstrings as best i can using the door frame. Throughout the day it loosens but the pain is still there when i sit or extend legs. Occasionally it goes into my upper butt and thigh. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Ryan
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